Postgraduate studies at the Department of Enterprise Management are the main form of training for higher education seekers at the third educational and scientific level of higher education with the aim of obtaining the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the specialization 073 Management. The training of highly qualified management professionals integrated into the European and global scientific and educational space is carried out within the educational and scientific program. The high effectiveness of postgraduate studies is confirmed by almost 100% defense of theses.

From 2011 to 2021, the Department of Enterprise Management (until July 1, 2021 at the Department of Management) prepared and successfully defended:

  • 5 dissertations – for obtaining the scientific degree of Doctor of Economic Sciences;
  • 22 dissertations – for obtaining the scientific degree of Candidate of Economic Sciences;
  • 1 dissertation – for obtaining the scientific degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

Leading scientists, professors of the department of enterprise management and doctors of economic sciences carry out scientific guidance and scientific counseling of graduate students:

Most of the holders of the degree of candidate of economic sciences and doctor of philosophy continue scientific and pedagogical activities in the civil service, in universities and scientific institutions of our country or build a successful career as a manager in real business.

In the 2021-2022 academic year, 6 graduate students studied at the graduate school. 5 applicants study under the state order. 1 person studies under the contract form of obtaining the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. 

Applicants of the III (educational and scientific) level of higher education have the opportunity to form an individual educational trajectory (which is regulated by the provisions of the Igor Sikorskyi KPI: on the realization of the right to free choice of academic disciplines by applicants of higher education ( 185 ), on the individual study plan of the student ( ), the procedure for drawing up the individual study plan of students participating in academic mobility programs ( /117)) choosing academic disciplines corresponding to the direction of scientific research. According to the scientific component, an individual educational trajectory is formed within the framework of choosing a topic and the process of conducting scientific research, determining a scientific supervisor. You can get acquainted with the subject of scientific research of graduate students in detail at the link: . 

Graduate students of the department of enterprise management take an active part in lectures, webinars, intensives and trainings for the development of soft skills. Within the framework of the development strategy of KPI named after Igor Sikorskyi and deepening the internationalization of the university, graduate students of the department have the opportunity to undergo international internships and join the international academic community: participation in international projects, scientific seminars and lectures on entrepreneurship, the opportunity to exchange experience and publish the results of scientific research.

A wide range of material and technical resources is provided to graduate students to achieve the goals and programmatic results of studyuniversity and the faculty of management and marketing. Postgraduate students have the opportunity to use computer classes equipped with modern multimedia and software tools. In order to ensure the needs and interests of applicants of the III level of higher education, the department provides access to educational and methodological support, to information resources of the university and international scientometric databases, in particular SCOPUS, Web of Science, UNdata, etc. Postgraduate students have access to the “YouControl” information and analytical system for searching and processing analytical information within the scope of scientific research. In addition, applicants have access to the electronic archive of scientific and educational materials of information resources with open access, the electronic catalog of NTB named after Denisenko, which contributes to the achievement of the goals and results of the educational and scientific program.

Detailed information on postgraduate study at the Department of Enterprise Management is available in the “Postgraduate” section on the department’s website: