The Department of Enterprise Management trains highly qualified scientific personnel to obtain the Doctor of Philosophy degree in the specialty 073 Management. The training of applicants of the III level of higher education is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and
the Regulation on the training of applicants of higher education for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at KPI named after Igor Sikorsky


The purpose of the educational program of the third (educational and scientific) level of higher education, specialty 073 Management, is to train highly qualified management professionals, integrated into the European and global scientific and educational space, capable of:

independently solve the problems of professional and research and innovation activities in the field of management and administration of industrial enterprises, by integrating knowledge, scientific research and innovative developments;

deeply rethink the existing and form new knowledge on the management of production and economic systems in the conditions of professional, intellectual, creative development;

perform complex scientific and applied tasks for the development of management tools to ensure sustainable, proactive development of enterprises and neo-industrialization of the real sector of the economy;

to carry out professional-scientific, pedagogical and practical activities.


Postgraduate training at the Department of Enterprise Management requires the applicant to complete the appropriate educational and scientific program in the specialty 073 Management and conduct his own scientific research.

In order to master the scientific program, graduate students conduct scientific research according to an individual plan of scientific work, which defines the content, deadlines and scope of scientific works, as well as the planned period of defense of the dissertation during the period of preparation at the graduate school. Postgraduate training ends with a public defense of the graduate student’s scientific achievements in the form of a dissertation in a one-time specialized academic council. 

The main provisions and structure of the educational and scientific training program in the specialty 073 Management are presented at the link: https://kafedra.management.fmm.kpi.ua/main/?p=1228 

In the course of postgraduate studies, applicants acquire the following integral competencies: the ability to produce new ideas, to solve complex problems in the field of management and administration, which involves a deep rethinking of existing and the creation of new integral knowledge and/or professional practice, to apply the latest methodologies of scientific and pedagogical activity, to carry out own scientific research, the results of which have scientific novelty, theoretical and practical significance.

Scientific guidance and scientific counseling of post-graduate students is carried out by scientific and pedagogical staff of the department, involved in the implementation of the educational program, who have a scientific degree, academic title, as well as practical experience. The scientific supervisors of the applicants are researchers in the field of management and administration.

Detailed information on the conditions and features of admission to postgraduate studies is available at the following link:  https://kafedra.management.fmm.kpi.ua/main/?p=3905