Today, more than ever, it becomes clear that the advantage and victory, which means a strong competitive position, profit, and well-being belong to those who understand logistics well. It is logistics and supply chain management that prove their most important role among all strategies and tactics, without it they become completely ineffective!


The ” Logistics ” educational program for the second (master’s) level of higher education can be found here:


Study period: 1 year and 4 months
Form of study: full-time or part-time
Location: Kyiv, ave. Peremohy, 37, building 1 (Polytechnic Institute metro station).
All educational buildings and dormitories are on the territory of the campus
In case of emergency, online training.
Payment: from the state budget or under the terms of the contract.


Modern professional disciplines : logistics management, design of logistics infrastructure facilities, logistics inventory management, supply chain management, digital logistics, reputational capital in logistics, international transport and logistics systems, logistics consulting, cost management in supply chains, reverse logistics.

Practice at leading Ukrainian enterprises: LLC “Huawei Ukraine”, PJSC “Ventilation Systems”, PJSC “Obolon”, JSC “Farmak”, PJSC “Kyiv Cardboard and Paper Mill”, JSC “Meridian” named after S.P. Korolyova, DP Antonov, DP Melexis-Ukraine, LLC Decathlon Ukraine, LLC Morbax, LLC Henkel Ukraine, LLC APTG-TRADING LTD, LLC BVI-Print, PJSC NKEMZ etc.

International mobility: students have the opportunity to participate in international mobility programs and study abroad through exchange programs at universities in Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey, etc.

Employment: graduates have the opportunity to work as leaders and managers of logistics services at enterprises of various branches of the economy, specialists of transport forwarding companies, warehouse complexes, customs terminals. Our graduates are always in demand on the labor market, have a decent salary and career growth.

Study prospects: after obtaining a master’s degree, you can continue your studies at a graduate school in the educational and scientific program “Management” and receive a doctor of philosophy degree in management.

Additional knowledge: the scientific circle “Logistics Management” works at the department, the participating students of which annually become winners and prize-winners of scientific and thesis competitions in the field of “Logistics”, prize-winners of professional Olympiads, winners and prize-winners of business championships and competitions, participate in the development scientific topics of the department, prepare and publish theses and articles in professional publications.