The history of the modern department begins in 1988, when it was part of the Kyiv Order of Lenin of the Polytechnic Institute named after The Department of Production Management was founded on the 50th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. Then it became the first in Ukraine to train production process managers. The idea of ​​creation was determined by the emergence of new challenges in the domestic economy, which required the strengthening of the economic and management component of the education of students of engineering faculties and the training of managers of a new type and style of thinking, which at that time no university had implemented. In the first years of its foundation, the department trained specialists in the format of the second higher education.

      Inspired by the first successes, in September 1991, the department began to train full-time students in the field of “Management” specialty “Management in the production sphere”. The introduction of the training of specialists in a fundamentally new specialty had a loud echo and attracted the attention of the public, because this event coincided with the beginning of the independence of our state and to some extent symbolized it. Its activities were widely covered in the mass media, the department was visited by representatives of Western and domestic universities, heads of enterprises and newly created corporations, who had high hopes for the applicants, and the students themselves felt that they were harbingers and the first leaders of the new market stage of the country’s economy. In one of the mass media, the graduates of the new specialty were called “the future elite of our society”, and it must be said that the graduates of the department fully justified the hopes placed on them.

      Specialists who were at the origins of the development of the department formed a significant fund for the development of the scientific and educational school of management in Ukraine. Among them are the first head of the department and the first dean of the Faculty of Management and Marketing, Professor V. D. Nemtsov, Professor L. G. Smolyar. and Dovhan L.E. Their baton was later picked up by graduates of the department who, in addition to diplomas of higher education, obtained diplomas of candidates and doctors of sciences from their native alma mater (M.O. Kravchenko, K.O. Boyarinova, A.R. Dunska, Zh.M. Zhigalkevich and others) and multiply the achievements of the department with their perseverance, professionalism and creativity.

      The establishment of the department initiated the creation of the Faculty of Management and Marketing at the Kyiv Polytechnic, which currently includes six departments. On the basis of the Faculty of Management and Marketing and the Department of Management, in 1996, by order of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Ukraine, the Professional Council for Licensing and Accreditation of the “Management” direction was created, headed by Professor L.G. Smolyar. During the period of operation of the Professional Council (1996-2003), hundreds of licensing and accreditation cases of “Management in the production sphere” and “Management of foreign economic activity” specialties of higher education institutions of Ukraine were considered. Since 2012, the department has been headed by Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor V. V. Dergacheva, who during her eleven years of chairing the department multiplied previous achievements, developed new directions and laid the foundation for the implementation of new prospects for the development of the department.