The “International Business Management” section was formed in order to organize the educational process of students who are focused on deepening professional skills in the field of international operations at three levels of higher education.

The term of full-time study for BACHELORS is  4 years (8 semesters) .

For  BACHELORS the educational program  INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT has been developed , which contains the following main educational components:

  • foreign economic activity of the enterprise;
  • International Economic Relations;
  • customs regulation of foreign trade operations;
  • international logistics;
  • economic analysis of the enterprise’s international operations;
  • international financial reporting standards;
  • management of international contracts;
  • international business communications;
  • management of international business projects;
  • investment activity and insurance in international business;
  • foreign language by professional direction
  • spatial economy
  • international stock markets
  • international private law
  • internship
  • pre-diploma practice;
  • execution of a bachelor’s thesis

For bachelors studying under the educational and professional program “Management of International Business”, modern disciplines have been developed, which are aimed at in-depth study of a number of educational components in the field of international business.

The term of full-time study for MASTERS is 1 year 4 months .

The international business management  educational program has been developed for MASTERS , which includes the following main educational components:

  • strategic management
  • Trends and models of development of the world economy
  • Management of foreign economic activities of enterprises
  • Management of international business development projects
  • Transformational leadership in international business
  • International credit and settlement and currency operations
  • Digital transformation of international business
  • International management
  • Cross-cultural management
  • Scientific work on the topic of the master’s thesis
  • Practical foreign language course for business communication
  • Practice;
  • Execution of a master’s thesis.

The master’s educational program provides the training of progressive modern highly qualified specialists in the field of management and business administration, capable of solving practical problems and specialized tasks of managing industrial enterprises, aimed at increasing the effectiveness of their activities using the potential of modern economic transformations.

The term of study for DOCTORS OF PHILOSOPHY is 4 years.

For  DOCTORS OF PHILOSOPHY (Phd) , an educational and scientific program  “Management” has been developed , which contains the following main educational components:

  • Philosophical principles of scientific activity. Part 1. Scientific outlook and ethical culture of a scientist
  • Philosophical principles of scientific activity. Part 2. Philosophical epistemology and epistemology
  • A foreign language for scientific activity. Part 1. Scientific research
  • A foreign language for scientific activity. Part 2. Scientific communication
  • Theory and concepts of management
  • Methodology and applied research techniques in management
  • System management
  • Modeling management of economic systems and processes
  • Organization of scientific and innovative activities
  • Actual problems of higher school pedagogy
  • Pedagogical practice

The scientific component of the Doctor of Philosophy training program involves the writing and defense of a candidate’s thesis, the topic of which can be chosen taking into account the applicant’s scientific priorities, in particular in the field of international business management.

Positions that graduates of the MANAGEMENT AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION specialty can hold .

  • manager of foreign economic activity;
  • sales/supply manager in an international company;
  • specialist in international logistics;
  • HR manager in an international company;
  • analyst of international markets;
  • regional manager for international markets;
  • international business project management manager;
  • expert on foreign economic issues of the enterprise;
  • risk manager in an international company
  • customs broker

Students undergo internship at the following enterprises:  LLC “Huawei Ukraine”, LLC “British American Tobacco Sales and Marketing Ukraine”, OJSC “Wimm-Bill-Dunn Ukraine”; JSC “Motor Sich”; “Dupont Ukraine” LLC; “Trau Nutryshyn Ukraine” LLC; Cola-Cola Beverages Ukraine LTD, PJSC “Ventilation Systems”, PJSC “Myronivskyi Hliboprodukt”, SE “Zavod “Arsenal”; CJSC “PAN Logistics”; OJSC “Meridian named after S.P. Korolyova”; JSC “Kyivmetaloprom”; OJSC “Rusava Plant”; CJSC “First Kyiv Dairy Plant”; Oil and gas production management of OJSC Chernihivnaftogaz; CJSC “Kyivoblenergo”, BTG “Kovalska”, etc.